Co-operative Bank Design System

Daly is the Co-operative Bank's design system for digital products and experiences, to be used as an inspiration and benchmark for mobile and desktop across their web and native apps.


Senior UX Designer


The Co-operative Bank, 2020


Design Tokens. Figma.


What is Daly?

Daly is the Co-operative Banks design system. It was created to encourage consistent visual and interaction design across multiple platforms. Inspiration was taken from the start of the co-operative movement. James Daly was one of the founding members of the Co-operative movement.

Who is it for?

Daly is for everyone who communicates with the Co-operative Banks customers from design teams, development teams and content teams.


Tokens over specs: A token system is a better means of creating consistency and interoperability.

Content over graphics: Words are almost always preferable to picture and symbols.

Feedback over expertise: Get feedback quickly, and exercise expertise slowly.

Evidence over tradition: Compelling evidence and theory that fits the data should always change the system.

The build

Design tokens were used to keep all products and services looking and feeling the same while making development faster. Many of the components, patterns and templates have been built in React making them usage across the bank.