Paperless Statements

The bank wanted to reduce their impact on the environment, costs and make their customers life that little bit easier when banking online.


Senior UX Designer


The Co-operative Bank, 2020


UI. Design thinking. Testing.



An average week prior to this paperless statements release: 429 customers a week change their paper/paperless settings from within the app.

Week 1: 823 customers (108% increase)

Week 2: 3036 customers (600% increase)

Secure statement storage with share features.


Over 74,000 customers played their part in the banks ethical poll; helping to reshape the values and ethics that the bank believes in, one being going paperless and another to keep customers statements safely in one place.

Prototype and test

Establishing a benchmark and agreeing on a goal of increasing paperless signups by x% user journeys were mapped and a prototype was quickly made with the help of the Co-op design system. Designs and assumptions were tested, with designs reiterated on and tested again.