Mental Health Hub Concept

With depression and anxiety being in the top 5 repeat conditions at Push Doctor, we wanted to offer alternative treatments and recommendations for patients with mental health conditions via the Push Doctor app and allow doctors to recommended these alternate treatments.


Senior UX Designer


Push Doctor, 2018


UI/UX. Workshop facilitation. Wireframing.



The hub would allow Push Doctor patients to manage all aspects of their mental health conditions. The interface would react to a patient’s history and activities providing contextual notifications and content while providing quick and relevant information for a patient’s GP.

Research, Personas & Idea Generation

Starting the session with a recap of past research alongside introducing expert interviews and personas based on real life patients that have used the Push Doctor service in the past and have suffered from some sort of mental health condition.

Creating a customer journey map and identifying key areas and touch points a patient will experience on their journey.

Realisation A patient realises they may have a mental health condition but are not sure what.

Research A patient will start to research there conditions to help get a better picture of what it is they’re suffering from.

Trials The patient will now start to get help from various avenues including Push Doctor or therapies.

Manage Condition The patient will now want to find out how to manage their ongoing condition.

How might we?...

Facilitating a round of ‘How Might We?’ with the team to generate ideas to answer the following headings: Help people realise they may be suffering from a mental illness? Help a customer find the right solution for them? Help a customer manage their mental health?

Voting individually on ideas we got to the following: Allow family & friend referral, Self Diagnosis tests, Case studies & content, Show medical evidence, Access what the customer has already tried, Allow customer to enter their goals, Create community between other members and Build a condition management plan.

Crazy 8's

To try and get beyond the initial ideas from How Might We’s and covert them into a visual format we had a round of crazy 8’s. 8 ideas in 8 minutes. Using these ideas I created a flow which evolved into the concept for a mental health hub within the app.

Low Fidelity Concept

With a number of ideas voted on, a low fidelity flow of the concept of a hub/dashboard and how it would integrate it into the current Push Doctor app was created. Incorporating the ideas of self diagnosis tools, tailored content and contextually aware notifications so the hub actually learns and reacts from the information you feed into it.