The Brief

As part of a trial to provide free, NHS consultations Push Doctor partnered with Modality, one of the largest NHS super-partnerships in the UK. The aim was to create a separate app from Push Doctors private offering and bring the benefits of improved access, efficiency and choice to Modality patients at no additional cost to the NHS. The app had to have an updated look and feel yet retain the simple, easy to use experience of the Push Doctor app.

My Role

  • User Flows
  • Wireframing
  • UI (iOS/Android)

Design Sprint & Setting the scene

Taking the initial brief and gathering any research or data we already had on patients using the Push Doctor app I helped facilitate a week-long design sprint, outside of the office to generate ideas for the apps new look and feel. A new design system was created, documenting new UI items, colors and font.

Mapping the user flow

With a new design system setup, I started to map the users journeys within the app starting by splitting the app into two parts. The first being the patient on-boarding and the second being the consultation experience.


Using the user flows for the onboarding and the experience sections of the app I was able to wireframe the certain sections.

Finished Concept

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