The Brief

One of the most frequently requested things doctors see from patients using Push Doctor is a repeat of their medication. The brief was to create a brand new app that would allow Push Doctor users to easily order, track and manage their repeat medication. The project included working with a third party agency on the development of the new app. Initial look and feel was to follow the current Push Doctor app and timescales were very tight, around 6 weeks.

My Role

Working alongside a product manager it was my role to create the user flow, wireframe and create the UI.

  • UI Design
  • Wireframing
  • User Flows

User Flow

From breaking down the brief and gathering the requirements with the product manager, I was able to map a user flow taking into consideration multiple user states from logged in to new user on-boarding. During this stage I leased with many aspects of the business from medical experts to customer services to understand the process of ordering medication and how this could be achieved in the app. This process gave us a clear understanding of the scope of project and what screens would need to be created.


With an agreed flow in place I was able to create wireframes with internal testing taking place on these new concepts, adapting them with the feedback given.

Finished Concept